Colorado Trail 2022

As much as I would love to get back on the Pacific Crest Trail this year. I really can’t. It would involve a few months away from my family and timing isn’t right. I can however, sneak away for two weeks to hike.

Last year, I started researching other trails I could backpack. I had planned on hiking the Colorado Trail because I live in Colorado but started a new job.

I put the CT on hold until this year. I will be backpacking the Colorado Trail sometime in July. I haven’t decided if I will make an FKT attempt at it just yet.

Screen shot taken of the Colorado Trail from the FarOut Guide.

I do have my eyes set on one route but I won’t spill the beans just yet. The Trail is divided into 33 segments which includes a choice of two routes in the middle, Collegiate East and Collegiate West. Either way, the Colorado Trail starts from Denver and ends in Durango or vice versa. The trail itself is roughly 500 miles long with 90,000 feet of vertical gain.

As of now, I have started writing down items I will be carrying. I will present a detailed list of everything I will be taking for the trail in my next blog. Until then, happy training and happy trails!

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